National And International Title Service

The real estate industry has become a global business, and a growing number of buyers are eager to invest in properties located in other countries. However, along with this eagerness comes various challenges, risks and uncertainties.
Whether you are a U.S.-based customer who is buying real estate in a foreign country or non-U.S.-based customer who is investing in real estate in the United States, you need a title company that not only helps safeguard your investments, but also assists you and through the entire buying process. This is where Ameritrust Investment L.L.C. comes in.

Ameritrust Investment L.L.C. expertise in property law (real or otherwise), affecting commercial title issues nationally and internationally, sets us apart from other title insurance companies. With our team of in-house counsel and top industry professionals, no commercial title transaction is beyond our scope.

For us, title is more than a job, it’s something we’re passionate about and it pervades our corporate culture, which may be why so many leading attorneys, lenders, brokers and developers rely on us to solve time consuming title intricacies that our competitors rarely take on.